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The UNB Ironmen rugby tradition would not be sustainable without the generous financial support provided by you, the RFC alumni. This is truly a grass roots organization which counts on small donations from lots of former Ironmen to support the many initiatives listed below

“Rugby at UNB continues to thrive. The significant support that we receive from our Alumni has been and continues to be the cornerstone of our program. Our 2013 Thanksgiving Reunion weekend was a testament to the strength that comes from our Alumni and we are hoping to build on that even further when gather once again on college field for the 2018 Reunion Oct 5th – 7th . As the school year winds down the players and coaches look forward to the arrival of a fresh crop of high school players next fall. These new players will become part of the UNB Ironmen Rugby Football Club and in the process learn that Rugby at UNB is more than just a game.”

Please take a moment and consider making a gift to support UNB Ironmen Rugby. Your financial support will go towards a number of initiatives including:

  • The Toks Akpata scholarship which funds an annual scholarship to the best club man in honor of Toks Akpata. This award has been issued for the past twelve years to a current player voted by the coaches

Click here to see a list of the Past Toks Scholarship winners.

Mr. Derek J. Weaver Toks Akpata Memorial Scholarship 29/01/2002
Mr. Casey M. Danaher Toks Akpata Memorial Scholarship 22/01/2003
Mr. Patrick S. Wight Toks Akpata Memorial Scholarship 10/03/2004
Mr. Cameron M. Ough Toks Akpata Memorial Scholarship 30/11/2006
Mr. Cassidy J. Conkin Toks Akpata Memorial Scholarship 25/01/2008
Mr. William K. Harris Toks Akpata Memorial Scholarship 26/01/2009
Mr. David A. Misener Toks Akpata Memorial Scholarship 20/01/2010
Mr. Daniel A. Hamilton Toks Akpata Memorial Scholarship 06/06/2011
Mr. Samuel R. Worrall Toks Akpata Memorial Scholarship 30/11/2011
Mr. Jon Parkman Toks Akpata Memorial Scholarship 27/11/2012
Mr. Joe Dorion Toks Akpata Memorial Scholarship 27/11/2013
Mr. Alex Peppard Toks Akpata Memorial Scholarship
    • By donating to the UNB Rugby Rec Fund – This fund supports travel when necessary for championship games and supports any necessary upgrades to college field infrastructure, training equipment etc.
    • An honorarium is paid to a club team member for the upkeep of the UNB Ironmen website.
    • Financial awards have been donated to junior NB players to support travel to national tryout camps.

    With your support we can continue to grow the Ironmen brand and make the club stronger. We have no shortage ideas and plans. Click Here to give to Ironmen Rugby now! Thank you for your continued support to UNB and Ironmen Rugby.

    All the best,
    UNB RFC Alumni Committee

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