Ironmen Gazette

The Ironmen Gazette newsletter was started by Bob Cockburn as a means of staying in

touch with former players after they moved on from UNB. It was started in the early

1980’s and continued up until Bob retired as coach in 1999. After a long absence the

Gazette was revived by Bob in the spring of 2014. Through the help of the UNB Alumni

Office these more recent editions of the Gazette are available on-line. The UNBRFC

Alumni Executive would like to thank the Alumni Office staff for their support in

providing the platform for on-line viewing of the Ironmen Gazette.

Click Here to read the Spring 2014 Gazette.

Click Here to read the Spring 2015 Gazette.

Click Here to read the Fall 2017 Gazette.


The gazette is issued twice a year. A special thanks to Bob Cockburn for his continued

effort in producing the Gazette and to all of the people who contribute with your stories

and photos. If you have any stories or photos to contribute you can send directly to

Bob Cockburn or Roy Hickey


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